Our Vision

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Our Four Pillars

Our 4 Pillars aim to create:
Self awareness & Education – for the individual so that they can reconnect with clarity to their values and priorities that we call basic needs and are foundations to support our health and wellness.
Mind & Spirit – Incorporate a focus on mindfulness that aims to reduce stress and conflict, increase resilience and emotional intelligence and improve communication, creativity and re connections in what matters most.
Connection – Creating supportive connections with others, our precious environment and ourselves in order to generate greater emotional intelligence, self awareness, communication and resilience. This includes a sense of belonging and relationships with others.
Growth – Connecting and choosing the right foundations of resources in our life to feel supported and resilient to our needs, whilst taking purposeful steps in expanding our knowledge, skills and behaviours, and witnessing how this enhances our growth and the results we aspire to.

Our Beliefs

We believe that everybody, given the opportunity to find inner quietness whilst feeling fully supported has the opportunity to delve deeply and congruently into what matters most to them, how they are really feeling, what their values and concerns are and given all this we believe allows an individual, family or organisation the strengthened ability to see a brighter healthier future that has a lasting impact on all around them and for generations to come.
We believe that everyone has the right to live free of the long term affects of stress and disease of the mind body and spirit and it is through Reconnection that people can take the much needing breathing space to recalibrate and more sustainable and healthy life. We also believe that if we can change this on a micro and macro level it will have far reaching positive outcomes in self, families, communities and the workplace.
Our Impact
We know that when people are empowered and stress free with good decision making in their wellness plans that the incidents of preventable diseases and sedentary lifestyles will be lessened. This in turn will take pressure off community services, healthcare services, schools and workplaces, all of which are suffering because f the epidemic of stress related diseases and preventable chronic issues brought about by stress and disconnection. Research shows that children born into poverty, bad eating and exercise habits and are most likely to continue spiralling into unhealthy decisions and and we also know that stress related conditions are costing our economy millions of dollars directly and indirectly.

“The key to truly rewarding focus is doing what lights you up.  Passion is like a laser beam.
 If you’re easily distracted your not in love enough with what your doing. 
This sounds idealistic, I know. But passion is like that – demanding, And worth it” – Danielle Laport