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Octavia Chabrier - Director / Founder

Octavia is a fully qualified Community Services therapist, having worked in Disability, Youth, Aged and Mental Health, offering disability support programs to enhance wellness and develop new techniques or strategies to live with comfort.  Together we can design and implement a Wellness plan that suits your situations and aspirations and at the same time target some of the issues that people face in these different sectors and demographics.

I started my career working in the disability and youth sector and for the past two decades I have been true to my dedication as a Remedial and Therapeutic therapist working to support each individual in their wellness journey.  This has included working with thousands of people that are affected by stress, emotional exhaustion, physical pain and chronic health conditions.  As a health practitioner and mother/carer, I also know too well the hazards of Compassion fatigue and over giving from an empty vessel.  I also have first-hand experience with loved one’s diagnosis in physical and psychological conditions, and the differing ways that therapies  have supported their Well Being.

Wellness is not measured by only physical vitality.

My main motivator in working as I do is the thrill of seeing how well people flourish when they are given the opportunity to re calibrate and re balance – I love seeing how people, grow when supported with their needs, giving them the space to deeply explore their options, their opportunities and their well being.  This can then lead people to facilitate deep rooted changes and mind-sets as well as celebrating and seeing their intrinsic strengths and values and what is already in abundance in one’s life, irrespective of abilities or disabilities.


Diploma Remedial Massage


Reiki Teacher/Master

(Level 3) – Master & Teacher of Usui lineage

Diploma Bowen Therapy


Wellness Coaching Level 4

(Wellness Coaching Australia)

Yoga Nidra Instructor

Mindfulness, Nidra & Sleep Yoga

Wisdom Yoga academy

Diploma Community services

Disability, Aged care, Youth, Mental Health

Infant Massage Instructor

Infant Massage Information Services

Hypnosis & NLP Certification