Services & Treatments

Integrated Healing Therapies - Massage, Bowen, Reiki, Aromatherapy

Massage and Bowen Therapy have a valued place in supporting the overall well-being of a person, and I aim to approach each individual as a whole, listening to their needs and being guided by them.  I bring a unique and integrative approach to well-being, looking at the fundamental importance of ease through re-connection and grassroots applications to wellness. With over twenty years’ experience working in Remedial therapies and Integrative Bodywork, I understanding how strongly we hold stress and pain in the muscles and how it affects our overall wellness and mindset. The mind body connection is intrinsic to whole body well-being, and the huge impact we experience from an overly busy, disconnected and sedentary lifestyle is costing us all dearly .

Reiki and soul Balancing are just as important as any other modality and Ive been a practicing Reiki healer since 1992 – so you are definitely in good hands when your seeing me.   Therapies may include:

~ Massage & Bowen Therapy
~ Yoga Nidra or Sleeping yoga
~ Reiki & Re balancing techniques
~ Aromatherapy

Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

I’m passionate about supporting people to reconnect to their best vision of Wellness,  and I believe it needs to be made simple because that’s what we are all craving in this world we have made very complex.  Grassroots Wellness is all about reconnecting to the simple human needs that we are all longing for but has alluded us until now

I see myself as a Grassroots Connection Coach, specialising in an Integrative Therapeutic approach through Bowen therapy (Mind Body Bowen), Reiki and Yoga Nidra, in conjunction with Wellness Coaching and positive change facilitation.

I believe we have swung so far on the pendulum of complexity that we are almost always in a state of stress and over achievement, leaving little to no space for reconnecting to living simply well.

My Coaching philosophy is to create a space for a person to acknowledge their strengths and wins in life and make small but sustainable behaviour changes that lead them gently to their vision of well-being that is sustainable.

~ Relationships & Family
~ Community & Career
~ Exercise & Diet
~ Creativity & Play

Engaging in a certified wellness Coach gives you the opportunity to re-evaluate and re calibrate areas of your life that are not presently aligned or balanced.



NDIS Therapeutic Support & Core Capacity Building Supports, inc Bowen, Massage & Wellness Coaching

IT Is not our place to tell you how to live your life, we are guided by your situations and requests, our qualifications and your goals and we endeavour to create an experience whereby we are guided by your own inner sense of what calibrates with you and how we best work with your needs. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are all good and balanced wellness plans for stress prevention and well-being. We choose to create each experience for you with a compassionate heart, unbiased mind, and a willingness to support you to find your inner peace and connection that leads you to a comfortable and congruent life balance.

Octavia is a certified and experienced Wellness Coach as well as having qualifications and experience over a twenty year period, working in disability services.

Together we review your NDIS plans and discover and create ways and tools to support your wellness goals. Coaching techniques may help to create balance in your life and with carers, family, lifestyle, workplace, relationships and most importantly with yourself. Including healthy food tips & great ways to stay well in all kinds of situations.

This may include areas of Core and capacity Building and Social and Community Participation.